Predictions for 2018 and 2019

The national forecast based on the U.S. horoscope. What precipitation, temperature, and sunspot cycles reveal about America and the world, plus the stock market forecast are in the link PREDICTIONS.

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Why Astrology?

Astrology is the only science, philosophy, and psychology that explores human potential and the timing of trends and specific events based on the planet positions at one's birth.

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Understanding President Trump

An interpretation of Donald Trump's personality based on key planet positions and aspects at the time and place of his birth.

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Conservatives and Liberals in US Politics

This article explains the fundamental differences between the conservative mind-set and that of liberals, and the changing pattern of political parties through U.S. history.

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Our New World Age

We are experiencing a transition to a New Age. Similar transitions have occurred each accompanied by a worldwide catastrophe that ushered in a revival of thought, invention, and circumstance.

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The Next Pandemic

Pandemics follow a natural cycle based on the Sun. Pandemics increase and decrease in severity according to specific natural rhythms. Find out where we are in the cycle of mass deaths.

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