Understanding President Trump


Donald Trump has maddened, befuddled, shocked and awed people long before he ran for office.  Now that he is President of the United States his words and actions take on new significance.  Some believe he is a reformer, a true patriot, leading the country away from socialism and back to “founding father” principles.  Others are convinced that he is a demagogue bent on destroying true democracy, a tycoon out to prove that he is the best president – ever.  Whatever Trump proves to be his personality is now front and foremost.  Americans and the world need to understand Trump in order to deal with him.


Mars Rising

Trump’s hereditary personality is described by Mars because the red planet is rising in his natal chart in a (Gauquelin) G-sector.  The Mars personality is action oriented.  Trump is a doer.  He likes accomplishment, construction, and building things.  Tough minded, stubborn, and opinionated, he relishes a challenge.  Difficulties and hardships are to be overcome, conquered, for he strives to win.  Courageous and brave Trump is likely not to back down from a confrontation.  He is also quick tempered and argumentative, taking offense easily.   He has natural leadership abilities valuing self-sufficiency and independence.  He is passionate about his work and his life.  He is a practical realist when it comes to starting projects.  He has an undisciplined rough nature but is self controlled and decisive.  He is highly competitive and wants to be a winner.  Although possessing good concentration he often is indifferent to details.  Trump takes risks and must use his self control to avoid being too impulsive, reckless, and excessive.  He has a tendency to drive and push others to get on with their work.  This makes for a forceful attainment of success, active teamwork, but quick temper and a short fuse when it comes to disputes and conflicts of interest.

Mercury square Neptune

Mercury/Neptune is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects in Trump’s natal chart.  This planetary combination indicates undisciplined thinking, confusing ideas, and uncertainty.  He tends to misunderstand other people as he too is often not understood.  He is secretive and capable of covert acts.  Implied here too is deception and dishonesty if negatively applied, but altruism on a positive level.  His mind is prone to fantasy, being highly influenced by his imagination.  Certain experiences deeply move him and the images that these impressions form are inspirational messages that form many of his core ideas.

Trump is a vague communicator.  This does not mean that he is not intelligent for in many ways he is mentally gifted.  He is an inspirational thinker.  He is intuitive with a mystical understanding of people and situations.  He is an artistic, entertaining communicator as well in that his message is often mysterious, stupefying and complex.  His message is often confusing, non-committal, and uncertain.  In this way he keeps others guessing – or imagining – what he means to do.  He is often saying much more than his words convey.  He misleads in order to redirect the conversation.  By being evasive, unclear, and even deceptive, he can avoid some issue and at the same time disarm his adversaries.  He changes his ideas and political positions more as a tactic than anything else.  And by misspeaking he paints an illusionary picture, an entertaining one at best, that beguile his true intent.  Trump’s words are often not accurate but he believes them nevertheless.  He likewise changes his position easily when a new idea impresses him.

Sun/Uranus conjunction in opposition with Moon

This important aspect gives Trump a flare for the unconventional.  He likes surprise and uses it to his advantage.  Intensely independent he still draws energy and a sense of being from family.  His father played a very instrumental role in his life and Trump always wanted to outdo his dad, to be himself and be successful in his own right – in a sense, to live differently in his father’s footsteps.  He may see himself as a leader of innovation, improvement, and change for the American people.  His quick insights often result in spontaneous disruptive acts with the intent of bringing about reforms.

Trump has the true revolutionary spirit.  He is quick to react to people and his environment.  But his abrupt responses often seem “out of the blue,” disjoined, and too outlandish.  Trump is about keeping people guessing and off cue.  He can then surprise them with an about-face or a surprise move in an entirely different direction.  In this way, he outmaneuvers rather than outwits people.  His moods can change quickly and he is easily upset due to a hyperactive emotional system.  His strong self will, impatience, and excitable physical makeup keep him up at night and busy most of the time.  His inner personal life is likely strained or tense.  He is likely to astonish foreign leaders while bringing some fresh new ideas up.  And although unpredictable and unruly, capable of being a real troublemaker, he can be accommodating and well received by others.  Trump is a novel man with incredible power and drive bent on bringing about reforms through his self will.

Venus/Saturn conjunction

This combination refers to a love of law, order and efficiency.  Trump values practicality and concrete results.  His admiration for conservatism leads him to seek “a good deal” with security guarantees.  History and tradition plays a role too as Trump likes smooth running systems.  This may come as a surprise given his penchant for outlandish remarks and rebellious individualism.  And yet he finds security in relationships with loved ones and friends.  He values loyalty and truthfulness and likes people who have integrity.  He is more intimate in a private setting and can easily put up barriers with anyone he feels belittles him.  Many people with this aspect need to be accepted because relationship disappointments, shortcomings, are all too likely which can result in a loss of self esteem.  He enjoys simple, routine pleasures and a love of dealing with the intricate workings of things.  Tending to be a bit socially awkward and reserved, he is very persistent in doing work privately.  He does not tire therefore from long work hours and dedication to getting a job completed.  This aspect gives Trump a balancing point, a secure setting, with close friends and loved ones.  He is both impartial and analytical in dealing with people.  Never underestimate his cunningness and depth when it comes to negotiating and getting to know one another.

There are other important aspects in Trump’s horoscope, such as Jupiter trine Uranus and Moon trine Mars, that show his delight in making money, creating improvements, building and constructing, being an innovative entrepreneur, and enjoying work and competition.  And let’s not forget the star Vega (charismatic, influential, and having a magical effect on people) that was setting at the time of his birth.  But the main aspects of his personality have been touched upon and hopefully will provide some insight into his deeper nature.

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  1. Missy says:

    I also have mars (in Cancer) on the asc. as well as a mercury and saturn conjunction (Taurus) in the 11th house so I appreciate Trump’s personality. I would imagine voters who appreciate Trump also have strong mars influence in their natal charts. One of my sons is a Leo rising like Trump, also mars on the asc. In Chinese astrology, Trump is a Fire Dog, Melania is a Metal Dog, and Barron is a Fire Dog. Myself, a Metal Dog. Dogs are loyal, faithful, honest, and ethical. The Dog tends to root for the underdog and its keen sense of right and wrong makes it duty-bound to the core. The media is on an all out attack on Trump. He’s just not the candidate the globalists wanted in office. Should have made people question the media.