by Bill Hansen

Your Cosmic Oracle details the history and development
of transiting cycles. Transits are a method
of planetary forecasting used by astrologers
to predict potential events.

Bill Hansen’s unique use of transits to forecast human
conditions-past, present, and future- is
simple to use and highly accurate.
Daily Cycles, weekly cycles, monthly cycles,
and the long range one and nine year cycles
are fully explained.

This comprehensive guide and text-book
provides complete rules for understanding
the theory and practice of transits.

You learn the story, the technique, and
the benefits of this amazing forecasting
tool. The book also acts as a reference
to the nature and influence of each planet
cycle. It is a unique oracle-style reference
for answering questions, seeking guidance
and insight for all your life experiences.

Here is the book that will explain all that
you need to know about using transits to
plan and understand your life.

This book is a definitive reference for transiting
planetary cycles. Learn how to interpret
transits like a pro. Complete meanings
given for each of the planet cycles in
your life.




A Stress Less Life
by Bill Hansen

Stress is a hidden killer. It triggers, aggitates, and creates a host of symptoms and illnesses. Learn what you need to know about the causes, the biological effects, the health consequences – and what you can do to CONTROL STRESS BEFORE IT CONTROLS YOU.

The proven stress management strategies and tips that are provided in this insightful book help you to reduce tension and stress
build-up.  Avoid the anxiety, fear and worry, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and illnesses associated with prolonged stress.
Learn and live A STRESS LESS LIFE through this informative book.

You get immediate stress reduction in five pages with the Quick Stress Guide.

You can evaluate and grade your level of stress through a stress assessment questionairre and a vulnerability scale.

Typical stress reactions are also listed along with all of the symptoms of stress so that you know exactly where you stand.


Hansen’s “Relax Anytime” hypnosis conditioning CD is also available that enables you to give yourself ‘doses of relaxation’ upon command. You can purchase this special CD with dual hemisphere learning, subliminal messages, and Hansen’s voice-effective-relaxation method separately.

Get A STRESS-LESS LIFE today and reduce, control, and eliminate stress buildup right away.




Our Solar Lives cover


List Price: $21.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Full Color on White paper
130 pages
ISBN-10: 1543297501
BISAC: Science / Philosophy & Social Aspects

The first book in the Earth Changes trilogy, Our Solar Lives explores the significance of the Sun on terrestrial life. The Sun is more than a source of heat and light and the necessary ingredients for life. Solar pulses also drive many earthly rhythms both biological and behavioral. Cycles on the Sun produce cycles on the Earth. Great solar emanations – solar flares and electro-magnetic storms – have been linked to agricultural and manufacturing productivity, animal abundances, financial fluctuations, wars, accidents, mass migrations, and pandemics. Cycles like these are the flow of Nature that philosophers and scientists have pondered for centuries.

Once revered as god, the Sun is still central to life on Earth. The study of sunspots tells us much about the importance of cycles as a model for understanding the world. Cycle research is as old as ancient Babylon, predating the Bible by several thousand years when astrologers first began to chart the heavens. They spoke of planetary correspondences that were said to be signs of conditions on Earth – “as above, so below.” And now we have strong evidence that planetary cycles influence the Sun, which in turn influences the Earth’s “electrical weather,” and, hence, all biological life. The astrological and biological link to the planets originates with the Sun. Solar storms cause disturbances in the Earth’s ionosphere resulting in electro-magnetic storms. Electromagnetism in turn influences the formation of massive weather fronts and stirs biological activity. And all of these natural occurrences have a cyclical beat.

What are cycles? What causes them? What can they tell us? We are particularly interested in planetary cycles because many of their periodicities are found in economic and historical data. Cycles, especially planetary cycles, are a key to understanding the flow of nature.

We face today a number of unprecedented challenges – from globalization to global warming to the possibility of another ice age – we are also in the throes of widespread cultural change. Overpopulation and the soon to be under-population of the planet is another huge problem facing civilization. The depletion and pollution of natural resources also challenge our survival; next is to establish the prime energy source after oil – solar energy generated in space and electromagnetically beamed back to Earth. Warfare has evolved from great armies pitted against one another to small pitched battles against Islamic terrorists bent on killing as many unbelievers as possible, to the dread of a nuclear exchange. Yet war, like the ups and downs in the financial markets, dance in predictable natural patterns. These challenges are nothing new. They are all governed by cyclical patterns, driven by the Sun and the cosmos.

Cycles make up our lives. They help make sense the majestic working of the universe. And they guide us, or as some will surely conclude, they compel us to make choices and to take certain actions at specified times. One cannot read this comprehensive account of human cyclical conduct (the Earth Changes trilogy) without a sense of awe – and humility. We are part of a vast collective of living matter, a soup of starry stuff, and weaving frequencies of energy. This book is devoted to an understanding of these mystifying forces. It is a small attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible.