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To take advantage of my unique and personalized astrological counsel, you must first have your natal chart, cycles, and other planetary data calculated.

Your birth date, place (city and state), and time are necessary to calculate your horoscope.  Approximate and unknown birth times will be rectified.  The rectification process is covered in the initial set-up fee.  An exact time of birth guarantees that astronomical calculations are accurate.

There are three levels of service available: Regular Client, Preferred Client, and Premier Preferred Client.  Each category has unique benefits.


Regular clients can order any service and consult with me at any time.

Preferred clients receive special benefits for getting 6-month Forecasts (F) sent to them on a continuing basis.

Preferred Client  Benefits: (1) Your fee is fixed and will never rise. (2) $120 in free credit is automatically entered into your account whenever you refer someone to me who becomes a Preferred client.  (3) A $60 credit is given if a referral orders a one-time service but does not become Preferred.  (4) A free phone or email consultation after each 6-month forecast.  (5) Discounts of 25%, 50%, and even 100% on phone and e-mail consultations when these services are used frequently.

Premier Preferred clients get all the Preferred benefits plus a free phone consultations for receiving weekly detailed interpretations for every day of the year.  This service is the most personal and precise.

TO BECOME A CLIENT fill out the brief form in the link below.  Choose the level of service desired (you can change this at any time) and one of the three services from below by clicking on a PayPal button.

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(C) CONSULTATION¦ $2 per minute.  A recorded consultation in person, or a phone or e-mail consult answering your specific questions.  Consultations also cover Relocation maps (RELO) for determining living and traveling conditions around the globe and Compatibility (COMP) analysis between two people.


(R) READING¦ $120 CD recorded, 60-79 minutes.  The entire natal chart is interpreted: life-style, personality, health, home, relationships, career and money.  An overview of likely events in the current birth year and each 9-year period throughout the life is also included – plus the four stages in your life and what to expect during each one of them.  This makes a good gift and introductory package.


(F) FORECAST: $120 CD recorded, 60-79 minutes.  Each planet cycle forecast is a live presentation “no scripts” – of the yearly, monthly, and weekly cycles in your life.  A 6-month forecast is presented detailing the circumstances, experiences, and potential outcomes for each month.  Forecasts address your current events and future plans; they help you understand the past, take advantage of the present, and prepare for the future.  Any personal questions will be answered.  Most clients prefer to receive this service on a regular basis as Preferred or Premier Clients.The forecast starts with a title and passage from the ancient Chinese I Ching oracle.  Track 2 contains a 9-year overview of your life, plus your current birth year in greater detail, and how this year impacts your entire life.  The next six tracks are devoted to an in-depth analysis of each month and specific dates when circumstances and events will likely take place.  The last track gives you a unique card reading and a summary of the forecasted period.