Bill – I’m usually blown away once I listen to my CD but this one is a doozy!  I’ve been having crazy health issues since March when I was on a trip with my daughter and ended up in a hospital out of state.  Since then I’ve been hospitalized here and seeing a cardiologist for heart and blood pressure issues.  Of course your forecast is Neptune and health so I giggle at how spot on it is.  Also Mike’s dad passed away over Memorial Day weekend.  You’re mentioning an older person and possible death and that must be it.  I’m always struck by things you forecast that have occurred.  I’m only on the overview track 2 and am amazed.  Susan B.

All I can say is that your reading was SPOT ON!  I ended up talking to my manager about interest in moving to Atlanta, and she just so happened to have a job opening up near there.  I will be getting a promotion, a better job title, all the benefits including health insurance, and more money in my salary!  It all happened so easily and exactly the same timeline you mentioned in the reading.  It is really exciting and I just wanted to thank you for doing the reading, which gave me the confidence to set this all in motion!! Trena

Your evaluation of me was frightening. It is almost like you have been following me around or watching me on television. You nailed it past, present, and future. Kevin G.

I really appreciate your advice and will definitely refer people to you. It’s really nice to get some unbiased feedback. You rock! Karen R.

Your readings are most accurate and also entertaining. Ahlsey

I’ve always been impressed with your work, you are talented, incredibly accurate; however, this particular CD really made a difference in my life. It helped me make major decisions and gather a healthy perspective on a lingering and painful problem. You do wonderful, caring work. I hope other people appreciate your concern for quality work as much as I do. Barbra L.

You can count this as another successful prediction! Thank you again for your perspective and insight. I truly appreciate you being able to prepare me for what could have been a very horrible meeting had I not had some warning in advance of things to come. Jill N.

I’ve listened to your CD on Hank again Bill they really helped me a lot. I played it for Hank. It opened up areas of conversation; his personality was just as you said. He doesn’t like out doors working, gardens, animals. He’s afraid of animals. Second CD, about this year was right on track. I really appreciate your advice, You are so right. Lou D.

Thank you for the CD on your reading of my horoscope and cycles for the coming year. You helped me to affirm my self and my immediate plans. Debra S.

Please know that your CDs, especially this last one, have been incredibly helpful to me and I need to tell you that. My life has been in a major flux and change over the last few years and at times I have felt incredibly overwhelmed by the changes. Your CDs have helped me to assume another perspective on the process. Marybeth W.

Thank you for your caring response in our most desperate hour. Your advice and guidance has been extremely helpful and accurate. Mike B.

This note is to show my appreciation for your guidance over the last 15 years. You have been a true friend and confidant on my incredible journey. Vince A.

I misplaced one of your readings and found it almost three years after you sent it. Out of mild curiosity I played it. You were right on target when you said that things at that time in my life would not go as planned. Shortly after you made the tape, a car hit mine as I waited at a stop light, putting a hold for two and a half years all my plans.

I’m glad I waited to listen to the reading after events transpired because I could appreciate your words. If I’d listened before the accident, I believe your words would have irritated me. I’d have thought, Can Bill see success when he’s looking at it? But then, you were not looking at my actions, you were looking at the stars. You’ve given me something to think about! Joan C.

Here’s sending you a great big Thank You for the extended reading with the instructional references. I found your thoughtful and quite specific style to be most helpful to me in my decision-making process. I particularly found deep emotional relief from self-acceptance as a result of your explanation of certain personality traits!! Please put me on the Preferred Client list. Abbey C.

The insight you were able to give me about the dates March 31, April 1st, 1975 were so on target. My husband was murdered the night of March 31, actually 1 am the 1st of April of that year. The man who murdered him also raped me. You said there was violence, hopelessness, a death of a family member, things I couldn’t do anything about. Life changing situation that pretty much covered it. .S.

Received chart and found personality analysis very accurate, including mention of many contradictions, which is certainly true of me. Maxx C.

Thanks for the excellent reading and interpretations that are quite accurate. I value your advice. Ron S.

Interesting I always enjoy my forecast it really helps me with my life. Quite frankly, I cannot wait to hear what you have to say. The past 6 months have been right on the mark and not a good one I might add. I am blaming it all Mars! Donna D.

I am fortunate to have met you and your work has done wonders for my growth. Vince

Your astrology readings have been so helpful. It gives me a positive push to make this change. Faith D.

Thank you. Thank you. During this difficult time, it’s a comfort to know that you’re there to counsel and advise me. Kathy P.

I do want you to know your help is proving to be a great gift to myself as well as others in my orbit. You’re forecasts and talents are proving to be Right on the Money with me. Michael D.

Your advice continues to help me focus and improve my life. Very interesting and right on as always. Susan B.

I want to give you a little bit of applause. Today I was goona get a hit on my horse as you predicted. And I did. You are right on and doing good work. I appreciate you. Anne C.

Thank you for your wonderful input and guidance. Karen S.

Thanks for doing what you do. What a life saver! Your work is amazing and you are brilliant. Thank you for guiding me with a roadmap through Astrology. Vince A..