28 Leo 52’

The August 21 Total Solar Eclipse is rare in that it will cross the midriff of the country, pointing to a historic event that focuses on America.  The last two total eclipses to darken the United States took place in 1979 and 1918.  Both of these years were very historic.  The next total eclipse to come to America will be in 2045.

Eclipses have gotten a bad rap from astrology over the centuries.  They are known to shadow or foretell the death of great leaders and the victory or defeat of an army.  There is some precedence for viewing eclipses in a negative light from a Mundane Astrology or nation perspective.  In Natal or individual astrology, eclipses provide an emphasis rather than particular harm.

The last time a total solar eclipse touched the U.S. was in 1979.   The Iranian Revolution took place that year that sparked the U.S. embassy takeover and the hostage crisis.  Iran today is a major threat to world peace with its radical views and expansionist philosophy.  It is no secret that Iran wants to expand its influence in the Middle East and develop a nuclear capability – including weapons.  The fragile agreement that we have with them, initiated and signed by Barack Obama, only delays but does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and fulfilling their religious prophesies.

A time before this takes us back to 1918.  World War I was raging in Europe.  The United States felt compelled to enter the war this year and help end the carnage.  President Wilson’s Fourteen Points also provided a framework for governments to treat each other more fairly.

It is interesting to note that the August 1914 eclipse path extended from the Baltic Sea through Eastern Europe, the Asian subcontinent, Persia, Africa, and the North Atlantic states.  This eclipse ushered in World War I!  It took place in the last decan of Leo (the 2017 eclipse is also in the last decan of Leo).  Here is what Raphael, a famous astrologer in the 1800s, said about an eclipse in the last decan of Leo:

“Captivity, the ransacking and besieging of towns, the sacking and profanation of holy places…the exile, imprisonment or murder of some king, notable person or great ruler.  Much discontent among the people.  Movements of armies, fighting, fires, fevers, pestilence and scarcity of the fruits of the earth.”     Mundane Astrology by Raphael

Not all these possibilities will happen, of course, but fighting the last city-stronghold held by ISIS is imminent.  The Confederate monument rioting and the growing bitter divide between liberals and conservatives in America threatens to tear the country apart.  And talk about armies on the move – look to Korea.  Perhaps Kim Yon Un will be dethroned or hostilities will break out or Trump’s firm stance with the North will pay off in the end.  After all, the total eclipse falls on President Trump’s Ascendant and Mars; a significant precursor of anger, violence, physical confrontation, aggressive action, and even war.  The eclipse is a direct threat to Trump from impulsive actions of his own doing.  Lastly, the eclipse directly opposes the Moon in the US horoscope so we the people, our sustenance and emotional viability, are intimately connected with the outcome of this eclipse.