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THE YEAR 2017-2018

Interpreting the Diurnal-Planet-for-a-Year progression to the Declaration of Independence chart gives an overview of the year for the United States. This amazing progression method is fully explained in my book Your Cosmic Oracle.

July 2016 – July 2017 is a Pluto year for the United States.  Important and extreme transitions will take place domestically and in the world stage.  There will be many reversals in policy.  The 2016 presidential election surely qualifies as a plutonian extreme – bizarre and contradictory in every way.  It will be a pivotal and historic election.
{See last section below for the rest of this prediction posted in 2016}

July 2017 – July 2018 is a Saturn year for the United States.  This signals a time for conservative principles, debt reduction, border security, and elimination of redundancy and inefficiency in government; in essence, the Trump agenda.  Saturn also indicates a difficult time for the U.S.

The Trump administration will be stymied by domestic and international issues.  The President will put forth a substantial conservative agenda but it is likely to face delays and disappointments in being completely enacted due to Democratic obstruction and the complexity of some bills.  The president in particular will face great challenges in getting his policies enacted.  Legal restraints will limit what Trump can accomplish but with perseverance much of his agenda will eventually pass.  President Trump will face frustrations trying to get political consensus and alliances both at home and overseas.  His credibility as leader will be severely criticized as any legal means possible will be sought by his opponents to either remove him from office or cripple his initiatives.  Trump’s popularity is likely to dwindle further as setbacks and scaled backed policies increase.  The difficulties will weigh heavily upon him but he will remain confidant through most of this period.

Healthcare reforms may fail until after next July.  Infrastructure projects, a reduction in government regulations, and a streamlined trade policy will be successful.  Immigration reform and securing the border will also pass and prove beneficial.  The government is likely to save money as government shrinks.  Changes to the tax code will likely simplify the system but be relatively modest.  The administration will be able to streamline government regulations and rules, make cuts in various agencies, enforce borders, impose fair trade practices, and renegotiate a few key treaties.  The achievements, many of them significant, will be mostly modest.

A detailed plan will be crafted to deal with the nuclear threats posed by North Korea and Iran.  A cautious approach will be taken to avert warfare with North Korea but Trump’s Mars line (relocation analysis) goes through the country so his tough talk will lead to decisive, aggressive military action if Kim Jong Un continues provocations and ballistic missile development.  A cautious diplomatic approach with the north coupled with pressure on China and covert tactics will be the administration’s first choice but warfare remains a very real possibility.  The Syrian front will focus on defeating ISIS and creating a stable, practical plan for surrendered territory.  This is likely to be limited in scope due to the Saturn year and the complexities of dealing with Syrian freedom fighters, allied Kurds, and the Syrian regime backed by Russia.

Previous Saturn years for the U.S. have correlated with several severe economic downturns including the Great Recession of 2008, the 1972 recession when President Nixon unleashed the dollar to gold, and the panic of 1873.  Other Saturn years found the nation grieving the assassination of Jack Kennedy in 1963 and experiencing wild jubilation with the Peace of Paris in 1918 after 116,000 troops had died fighting in Europe that same year.

Although Trump will be frustrated in many ways during this year he will manage to persevere and forge treaties, make deals, and form alliances with willing partners.  Three comets have pointed to his presidency.  The first was on New Year’s Eve, a foreboding sign of significant changes ahead.  The second comet was sighted during a lunar eclipse February 10, 2017 and the third on April 1 – not a fool’s game as comets have frequently signaled the death or removal of important world leaders, the birth of legendary people, and the initiation of major historic events.  It is no secret that hard-line Democrats want Trump out of office.  He will face legal challenges throughout this year but it is unlikely that any will succeed in ousting him from office.  Assassination is not an easy task either and I do not see specific indicators for this or health related troubles during his 71st year.  A crisis involving North Korea remains a possibility.  The historic consequences of Kim Jong Un’s regime change and unification of the peninsula is certainly comet material.  No matter what the comets foretell the year should prove to be epic.

Another celestial event that highlights the importance of America and the Trump administration is the total eclipse of August 21, 2017.  This eclipse is rare in that it will pass through the heartland of America.  The last two total eclipses to do so took place in 1979 and 1918.  Both of these years were very historic.  The Iranian Revolution took place in 1979 and the U.S. embassy hostage crisis began.  Iran today is a major threat to world peace with its radical views and expansionist philosophy.  It is no secret that Iran wants to develop a nuclear capability, including weapons.  The fragile agreement that we have with them, initiated and signed by Barack Obama, only delays but does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.  1918 was equally historic with World War I raging in Europe.  This is the year that the United States entered the war and helped bring the carnage to a close.  President Wilson’s Fourteen Points also provided a framework for governments to treat each other more fairly.  The historical significance of 2017 will thus be etched in time as the eclipse’s cone of darkness passes through the United States.  The next total eclipse to pass through the U.S. will be 2045.

The August 21 total eclipse falls on President Trump’s Ascendant and Mars; a significant precursor of anger, violence, physical confrontation, aggressive action, and even war.  The eclipse is a direct threat to Trump from impulsive actions of his own doing.

July 2016 – July 2017

The hosts of Republican candidates, many of whom are politically savvy and knowledgeable in national and international affairs, have been stymied by an eccentric business billionaire.  Whether or not Donald Trump will continue to hold a lead in the polls as the campaign unfolds is only partly addressed by the U.S. Pluto year.  (A thorough analysis of the party nominees will appear after the primary races.)  Pluto indicates reversals.  Notice how the American public has turned against “establishment” candidates by backing the likes of Trump and Ted Cruz (a Tea Party leader that gives chills to the Republican hierarchy).

The election could be extreme and transitional if either a republican or a democrat becomes president.  Hillary Clinton could be the first female president and the first wife of a former president.  A third term for the incumbent party is also novel.  The transitional element of Pluto can be seen in a continuation and probable extension of the progressive line of thought in America if Clinton or Sanders becomes president.  Rubio and Cruz, on the other hand, represent a new generation of leadership opposite the liberal format – another significant transition.  So either way the election goes it will prove to be pivotal.
Pluto points to extreme change and reversal.  Part of this involves the media, decision-making, and the mindset of the American people.  Mercury and Pluto are in opposition in the U.S. chart implying a conflict in ideas will continue to divide the nation.  Corruption will be exposed that goes to the top of leadership.  The government will change course regarding many major decisions that have been made.  Cruz and Rubio, for instance, both vow to reverse President Obama’s executive orders.  They further promise to repeal “Obamacare,” the Iran nuclear agreement, and other questionable legal actions taken by the president.
The Mercury/Pluto opposition, besides giving us insights into probable events, also points to what Americans need to do.  We need to wake-up and realize the conflict of interests that have been guiding our nation.  Our nation was established on clear principles of freedom and individual initiative.  But since the rapid rise in temperature since the 1960s a steady drift toward socialism has gripped the nation.  Ronald Reagan and several other prominent leaders have tried to redirect the national mindset back to the original intent and purpose embodied in the Constitution.  Unfortunately, both parties have allowed massive debts to climb, government agencies to grow, and the welfare state to become a citizen entitlement like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The 2016 election is critical.  Either the conservative principles upon which America was founded will be restored or the current path of progressive-liberalism will intensify toward EU style socialism.  The choice (Mercury) is ours.  The stakes are high.  The Pluto year indicates no middle ground – complete and sheer transition (acceptance) of a basic set of ideas (Mercury) is going to take place.  The nation may yet swing one way or another in the years to come but this year is particularly historic.  I have written elsewhere about the unique cosmic cycles taking place at this time, like the winter solstice alignment with the galactic equator 1980-2016 [see article The New Age].  Climate change, the rise of totalitarian states (Russia, China, and Iran), the cancerous spread of ISIS and other terrorist groups, the food-water-energy demands of a rapidly rising world population, pollution and natural resource degradation are all threatening issues in critical focus.  The American economy is not as strong as it appears – we are more than 17 trillion dollars in debt.

This election will partly seal the fate of the nation for the foreseeable future.  It is a choice that we, still mostly free Americans, must make in this election cycle.  The candidates could not be more extreme and diverse in both parties!  Who will we collectively choose to lead us?  What complete, total, and compulsive (Pluto) direction will we decide is best for the nation?

The American people need to continue to turn against mainstream political thought and demand through the ballot box an extreme change in how life in the USA is conducted.

The Pluto year will bring historic new degrees of knowledge and insights in nano-technology, genetics, astrophysics, and other cutting edge technologies.  Major scientific breakthroughs will take place especially in cancer research.  Robots will become more available as new technological developments elevate the machines to more humanlike performance.  Transformative events, revelations of corruption and decay, will also involve the news media, primary education, retail business, and the transportation industry. A nuclear issue will develop with Iran that causes much debate and conflict within our country.  This could be cheating on the agreement, advancing their long-range missile program, or increasing regional tension and the promotion of terrorism.

The military will be called upon to step-up attacks on ISIS.  This will probably be due to increased threats from the militants as well as larger scale attacks on U.S. business interests and communication networks.  A computer counter-terrorist plan will be established to combat ISIS Internet recruitment.  Mass killings by ISIS supporters will take place in the U.S. involving centers of commerce or schools.

Infrastructure repairs will finally get moving after one or more transportation accidents draws attention to the deteriorating condition of many rail, highway, and telecommunications networks.  A new adventure – venture – will take place in space travel.

Unnecessary rules and government regulations and inefficiencies are likely to be eliminated during a push to better organize an inept administration.  Down-sizing or reversing some government policies points to a probable Republican victory on Election Day.  “Revealing corruption” reminds one of the Hillary cover-ups and illegal handling of classified material on her private Internet server.  Or will the corruption be she gets away breaking the law because Obama stops Justice Department proceedings if the FBI recommends prosecution?  Corruption and manipulation of the media (the messages reaching the American people) will take place on a massive scale.  New software will enter the market allowing easy and widespread spying on civilians.

Looking back to previous Pluto years gives an idea as to how this long cycle will unfold in the period July 2016 – July 2017.  A major cyber attack in 2007 breached the military command.  Cyber crime and attacks will surely be big news in the year ahead.  The Cuban missile crisis and the Bay of Pigs took place during a Pluto year.  Iran, North Korea, and Russia come to mind in 2016-2017.  Government corruption was revealed in 1971 with the Nixon “plumbers” incident.  Hillary Clinton’s illegal misuse of private emails during her time as Secretary of State and her propensity to cover-up and lie may also be a factor here.   Much further back was Lincoln’s extraordinary (Pluto) Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.  Resolving the millions of illegal immigrants that live and work in America will likely happen during this Pluto cycle.