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Interpreting the Diurnal-Planet-for-a-Year direction to the Declaration of Independence chart gives an overview of the year for the United States.  This amazing progression method is fully explained in my book Your Cosmic Oracle.

July 2017 – July 2018 is a Saturn year for the United States.  This signals a time for conservative principles, debt reduction, border security, and elimination of redundancy and inefficiency in government; in essence, the Trump agenda.  Saturn also indicates a difficult time for the U.S.

The Trump administration will be stymied by domestic and international issues.  The President will put forth a substantial conservative agenda but it is likely to face delays and disappointments in being completely enacted due to Democratic obstruction and the complexity of some bills.  The president in particular will face great challenges in getting his policies enacted.  Legal restraints will limit what Trump can accomplish but with perseverance much of his agenda will eventually pass.  President Trump will face frustrations trying to get political consensus and alliances both at home and overseas.  His credibility as leader will be severely criticized as any legal means possible will be sought by his opponents to either remove him from office or cripple his initiatives.  Trump’s popularity is likely to dwindle further as setbacks and scaled backed policies increase.  The difficulties will weigh heavily upon him but he will remain confidant through most of this period.

Healthcare reforms may fail until after next July.  Infrastructure projects, a reduction in government regulations, and a streamlined trade policy will be successful.  Immigration reform and securing the border will also pass and prove beneficial.  The government is likely to save money as government shrinks.  Changes to the tax code will likely simplify the system,  save taxpayers money, and stimulate corporate expansion.  The administration will be able to streamline government regulations and rules, make cuts in various agencies, enforce borders, impose fair trade practices, and renegotiate a few key treaties.  The achievements, many of them significant, will be mostly modest.

A detailed plan will be crafted to deal with the nuclear threats posed by North Korea and Iran.  A cautious approach will be taken to avert warfare with North Korea but Trump’s Mars line (relocation analysis) goes through the country so his tough talk will lead to decisive, aggressive military action if Kim Jong Un continues provocations and ballistic missile development.  A cautious diplomatic approach with the north coupled with pressure on China and covert tactics will be the administration’s first choice but warfare remains a very real possibility.  The Syrian front will focus on defeating ISIS and creating a stable, practical plan for surrendered territory.  This is likely to be limited in scope due to the Saturn year and the complexities of dealing with Syrian freedom fighters, allied Kurds, and the Syrian regime backed by Russia.

Previous Saturn years for the U.S. have correlated with several severe economic downturns including the Great Recession of 2008, the 1972 recession when President Nixon unleashed the dollar to gold, and the panic of 1873.  Other Saturn years found the nation grieving the assassination of Jack Kennedy in 1963 and experiencing wild jubilation with the Peace of Paris in 1918 after 116,000 troops had died fighting in Europe that same year.

Although Trump will be frustrated in many ways during this year he will manage to persevere and forge treaties, make deals, and form alliances with willing partners.  Three comets have pointed to his presidency.  The first was on New Year’s Eve, a foreboding sign of significant changes ahead.  The second comet was sighted during a lunar eclipse February 10, 2017 and the third on April 1 – not a fool’s game as comets have frequently signaled the death or removal of important world leaders, the birth of legendary people, and the initiation of major historic events.  It is no secret that hard-line Democrats want Trump out of office.  He will face legal challenges throughout this year but it is unlikely that any will succeed in ousting him from office.  Assassination is not an easy task either and I do not see specific indicators for this or health related troubles during his 71st year.  A crisis involving North Korea remains a possibility.  The historic consequences of Kim Jong Un’s regime change and unification of the peninsula is certainly comet material.  No matter what the comets foretell the year should prove to be epic.

Another celestial event that highlights the importance of America and the Trump administration is the total eclipse of August 21, 2017.  This eclipse is rare in that it will pass through the heartland of America.  The last two total eclipses to do so took place in 1979 and 1918.  Both of these years were very historic.  The Iranian Revolution took place in 1979 and the U.S. embassy hostage crisis began.  Iran today is a major threat to world peace with its radical views and expansionist philosophy.  It is no secret that Iran wants to develop a nuclear capability, including weapons.  The fragile agreement that we have with them, initiated and signed by Barack Obama, only delays but does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.  1918 was equally historic with World War I raging in Europe.  This is the year that the United States entered the war and helped bring the carnage to a close.  President Wilson’s Fourteen Points also provided a framework for governments to treat each other more fairly.  The historical significance of 2017 will thus be etched in time as the eclipse’s cone of darkness passes through the United States.  The next total eclipse to pass through the U.S. will be 2045.

The August 21 total eclipse falls on President Trump’s Ascendant and Mars; a significant precursor of anger, violence, physical confrontation, aggressive action, and even war.  The eclipse is a direct threat to Trump from impulsive actions of his own doing.

July 2018-July 2019 forthcoming.

President Trump’s Planetary Cycles

Trump has a Saturn year until his June birthday.  He is making slow progress in office mostly reorganizing government agencies, reducing regulations and bureaucratic overreach.  His efforts are largely stymied by governmental investigations (Saturn) into Russian election meddling and Democratic party denunciations and lack of cooperation.  Tax reform is likely to pass.  The passage of this bill will spur business growth, boost the economy to over 3% GDP growth, and save the American taxpayers money.  It will be a huge triumph for the Republican Party.

Other common sense bills like immigration reform, infrastructure, and healthcare may follow.  They will be slow to develop and pass but provide the much needed stability that our nation requires.  Immigration reform may be first.  A true Saturn bill would include tightening border security, ending the visa lottery immigration system, limiting chain migration to only spouses and minor children, and establishing a merit based system based on age, education, work skill, knowledge of English, and suitable job availability in the United States.

The Mueller investigation into possible collusion with the Russians is a concern until after June sometime when it will be discredited.  Trump’s mannerism and “tweets” will continue to alienate people that might otherwise have embraced his policies.  His base supporters, however, remain behind him.  Trump would do well to keep to a strict agenda, communicate less often and do so in carefully worded responses and speeches.  It is a difficult and frustrating year for Trump punctuating with a few hard fought wins and many executive orders.  He is likely, however, to win big with tax reform and one or two other major bills.

Trump will cement the confidence of choice foreign allies (Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.) but most traditional friendly nations will keep a cool distance from this erratic and unconventional president.

Trump is determined to pursue his restructuring of America in spite of the political, bureaucratic, and legal obstructions set against him.  Government employees bent on unseating him will frustrate and impede his progress, and yet, Trump probably finds the leaks and undermining efforts a challenge.

Trump’s 72nd year beginning in June 2018 is a Mercury year.  The year will usher in business growth and a new strategy linking economic strength with national security.  Two noteworthy events in December 2017 presaged Trump’s Mercury-year when transiting Saturn aspected his natal Mercury (the first of three phases).  First, Tax Reform was passed giving the Trump administration a first big legislative win.  April and May 2018 will likely be significant for growth and the advancement of other significant legislation.

Second, the Saturn transit to Trump’s Mercury coincides with the release of a historic National Security Strategy report.  Historic because the policy replaces the “New World Order” plan from the early 1990s that was initiated after the earlier “Reagan Doctrine” successfully helped topple the Soviet Union.  The new strategy links economic and technological goals with national security.  It is a sovereignty based “America First” strategy that encourages other nations to enter into their own beneficial economic and security agreements.  The policy is a decisive break from the post World War II platform of giving away economic advantages in hopes of achieving diplomatic goals.  The new strategy is actually a product of Trump’s Saturn-year and will prove to provide many decades of prosperous security for the United States and her allies.

Government waste and inefficiency will be addressed by the Trump administration in this Mercury year.  The President will lash out more frequently against rumors, false news, and underhanded plots to remove him.  Major events and legislation regarding the news media, communications industry, transportation, trade and business are likely.  Major issues regarding oil, crime, the pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare are also likely to come up.  Trump needs to be especially careful in communicating this year so as not to be misunderstood.  Significant blunders and poor decisions mixed in with unclear statements are likely to cause complications for the administration.  His criticism of the news media will reach an all time high.  He will attempt to hide his private life and business dealings from ever growing public information probes.  Logical planning, sound decision-making, and clear communications are necessary to keep his administration on track.