Astrology is one of the oldest systems for interpreting human behavior. It has guided leaders, inspired prophets and philosophers, challenged the greatest thinkers of all time, and fascinated people for centuries. And many of its tenets have been scientifically verified.

Astrology reveals your personality and future in career, relationship, and family matters. It details the likely events that will shape your life and when they are likely to happen.

Most importantly, forecasting the timing of significant life events provides a road map for making better decisions and for understanding experiences. Since decisions determine outcomes, knowing what to do and when to do it are necessary to get ahead. Just as a weather forecast prepares you for the changing environment, astrological cycles prepare you for changes in your life.

It all starts with the horoscope, a Greek term meaning hora, hour, and skopos, watcher. This originally referred to the degree of the zodiac (ecliptic) rising on the eastern horizon (ascendant) at birth. Most people think of their Sun-sign as the horoscope. Actually, the horoscope is the planet and star positions at a given time and place on Earth. Astrologers today refer to the horoscope as the natal chart, birth chart, or simply chart. From this sky map your genetic characteristics, personality, behavior and general experiences can be interpreted.

There was once a time when only the leaders of society had access to astrologers. Now you can have a personal counselor to advise you in decision-making, and to talk with concerning matters of intimate importance. All in complete confidentiality!


Everyone is subject to the rhythms of our planet, just as the Earth is influenced by the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars. Astrologers have claimed for centuries that the planetary patterns at birth establish a unique blueprint of personality characteristics that unfold cyclically throughout one’s life.

The moving planets in the heavens trigger the planet patterns at birth in cycles ranging from several years to several hours in duration. Planetary cycles govern shifts in mood, energy, mental activity, sociability, and motivation. They determine the favorability of doing just about anything.

Success, after all, is largely a matter of decision, timing, and effort. These three, not chance, determines destiny.

Your planet cycles are predetermined at birth, along with physical attributes and hereditary predispositions, but what you do with these potentials is a matter of wisdom, effort, and timing. Knowing your personality and talents allows you to get ahead by being prepared when meeting opportunity.